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We are glad you made it to our page. Here you will find our attempt to record our travel adventures as a Traveling Physical Therapist and an Online College Student, while also providing information on the places we visit. Our emphasis is on off the beaten path destinations, good places to eat, great beer, and as many dog friendly activities and locations as we can find. We also have a section here that is dedicated to the RV lifestyle and everything that goes with it, from renovating a 1987 C-Class RV to living in it full time on the road. We love sharing our adventures, and hopefully it will encourage you to get out and explore!







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Tucson to Oregon Road Trip

  Leaving Hawaii wasn’t easy, but we were excited to head to our next adventure in John Day, Oregon! But first we had to fly back to Arizona to gather[…]

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Goodbye Hawaii

  Leaving Hawaii left us with one of those indescribable feelings of bittersweet. We loved every minute of our time here and couldn’t be any more thankful for getting the[…]

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Tips To Consider When Buying An RV

  Once we decided to go all in on our RV idea, the next step was deciding which rig would suit our needs best. I knew from the beginning I[…]

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Koko Head Hike

  If crowds are not your thing, but you still want a great 360 view of Oahu, Koko Head is your place! Now this is definitely not for the average[…]

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